OTT monetization: insights from exclusive consumer and global research to achieve maximum monetization effectiveness and revenue

92% of viewers are likely to change their viewing behaviour due to poorly inserted ads, and 68% prefer one long ad to multiple short ones. Come along to hear Mark Wilson share insights such as these on the streaming habits of Australians derived from research commissioned exclusively by Switch Media.
Findings from the quantitative survey cover perception around streaming habits, quality and services, multi-device and multi-viewing habits. With a specific focus on advertising, insights reveal viewer preferences and tolerance around things such as the number of ads per hour, ad placement (pre, mid, post), ad targeting and ad length.
Mark will also draw on global research with insights around ad placement, effectiveness and ad-blocking for a comprehensive and strategic approach on how to defeat ad-blockers and best serve ads to your audience for maximum effectiveness and revenue. 

Where & When
Thursday, March 22nd
12:00pm - 12:25pm
Ballroom A
Ballroom A
COO and Head of Product
Switch Media