The Next Digital Frontiers (and what brands can do about them)

What are the trends that matter, and when will they matter for pioneering marketers? We’ve all heard grim warnings that -- like in the Terminator movies -- artificial intelligences will take our jobs and conquer the world, but these daydreams ignore urgent, real events happening right now in 2018. Forget Skynet, Apple has had Siri pre-installed in every iPhone and iPad since 2011-- and people are using it as well as Google's Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. Voice interfaces create an ambient internet where customers are always connected, but they also shrink the visual inventory where brands can place ads. What should marketers do?
Yes, a decade from now, self-driving cars will change everything about work, family and entertainment. But in 2018 get-a-ride services like Uber and Taxify have already transformed how people think and behave. Uber’s future is shaky, but ubering is forever. Indelible changes in transportation behavior have massive implications for business and marketing.
In today’s keynote address, Dr. Brad Berens of the Center for the Digital Future will take you on a wild ride into the coming years with actionable insights for marketers about what’s changing and what it's safe to ignore for now.

Where & When
Thursday, March 22nd
9:10am - 9:50am
Ballroom A
Main Ballroom
Chief Strategy Officer
Center for the Digital Future