keynote: Marpocalypse Now: Thriving in the MadTech Jungle

Like the American war efforts in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film, Apocalypse Now, the marketing industry has become a disjointed mix of differing ideals, where we can’t recognise the enemy and the experienced border on insane.

In the quest to develop a holistic marketing strategy, we have created a messy mix of relationships, SLAs and distribution channels. As a result, we are now at a crossroads where we need to make sense of our marketing missions, navigate the jungle of technology and win the war against ourselves.  

As AdTech and MarTech continue to converge, marketers will be empowered to reach, acquire and convert customers within unified, data-driven and easy to manage platforms.

This evolution will enable greater oversight and control of customer journeys, drive continuous and dynamic engagement and enable more precise personalisation for those who dare to redefine the way they reach their audiences.

This session will explore:

  • Exploring the Jungle: The Reality of AdTech and MarTech Convergence
  • Illuminating the Golden Triangle: Winning the War with the Perfect Balance of People, Process and Technology
  • Many Have Tried and Failed, Many More Will Fail Unless They...
  • Avoiding the Rescue Mission: Practical Strategies to Avoid Marpocalypse
Where & When
Tuesday, March 12th
11:30am - 11:55am
Illumination stage
Illumination stage
Country Manager - Australia and New Zealand