Ballroom A
8:45am - 9:00am

In a rapidly growing and fragmented market, it is vital that simplify what we do in the digital techie world so that more digital investors understand.  Providing clear, simple and transparent measurement. Creating the same transparency and simplicity when explaining the tech. At the same time, we need to never let go of what makes digital the brilliant platform that it is. Its ability to create deep, personal, engaging, immersive experiences. From the best websites, apps, games, communities, and all the digitising traditional media too. Vijay will bring his knowledge and passion as the leader of the digital industry body IAB to kick off Ad Tech Sydney 2017.

Interactive Advertising Bureau
9:00am - 9:40am

When we think about the future, we tend to think about a world powered by technological gadgets, body enhancements and artificial intelligence, autonomous cars or even flying cars. Maybe the real potential of the future will not be technology for technology, but the new generation of businesses and societies that occupy the digital landscape and redefine the boundaries of opportunities.

In this session, we will look at the different trends that will impact society, business and individuals and the sparks of insight and innovation they can ignite.

We will explore emerging technologies and identify topics of importance to guide the challenges and opportunities the future might hold.

Chief Futurologist
Volvo Car Group
9:40am - 10:20am

The media landscape is in great flux. For consumers, enjoying ever greater levels of control of what they consume, this is an exciting time. But for brands, the challenges can seem vast.

Today, brands and media planners are grappling with changes in technology, structural decentralisation, and an audience that is spread thin across a multitude of destinations. This is not disruption; this is a new paradigm.

What enduring measures of success can brands bring to their campaigns? Is there a new way of bullet-proofing planning, buying and reporting? What can human behaviour tell us about the ways in which we take brand messages into this new world? And how can we grab, hold and reward that most precious of commodities; audience attention?

Head of Strategy
11:00am - 4:35pm


11:00am - 11:40am

Do Marketers need to be data scientists? Brands are dead. What’s your stack say? Do you retarget differently based on their interaction with the ad? Is the channel performance change significant to 95% probability?

These are some of the statements I have heard in the last 18 months of my 23 year career in marketing and advertising. In isolation there is nothing wrong with these statements – they show that there is rigour and data within marketing that was not really seen widely 10 years ago. But there is a cost associated with our near obsession with attribution and ROI and unfortunately consumers are paying it. That cost is our advertising is boring, and yes it may be time relevant or hyper-targeted BUT the creativity is gone and it has been replaced by automation and the promise of increased RR%. This session will explore what’s been left behind as Marketing progresses, therefore if re-introduced properly it could create a new golden age for brands and customers.

Managing Director
11:45am - 12:25pm

John will discuss the shift in user behaviours driven by the dominance of the mobile as our primary communications receiver. John addresses the issues facing advertisers and marketeers in their quest to reach and engage a generation of “Messagennials” - 90% of whom are never more than 3 feet or 3 minutes away from their device and 70% of whom would prefer to be contacted via txt above any other form of communication. 

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Mobile Digital
12:30pm - 1:00pm

Over the last few years, we’ve seen rapid growth in the development of new techniques, which allow us to reach our customers and prospects in more intimate ways than ever before. So why are there so many ineffective and inefficient marketing strategies? Why are engagement and conversion rates only creeping up at best across many industries?  Are we really talking to our customers like humans?

In this session, we’ll explore ‘inclusive marketing’: How we can combine data and technology with an understanding of customer behaviour and effective content & creative strategy, to both, create the right message and talk directly to individuals. We’ll use examples of effective communications both globally and locally and including one of Flourish’s largest CRM clients, Samsung.

General Manager
1:50pm - 2:20pm
  • Why strategy and creativity are interdependent on each other, for creating innovative, engaging communication campaigns
  • How to integrate creativity, technology and innovation to create a successful strategy to engage consumers
  • Why constant innovation and experimentation with emerging technologies is essential for challenging convention, and achieving creative excellence.
Chief Strategy Officer
Naked Communications Australia
2:25pm - 2:55pm

The way we consume information, make decisions and communicate is rapidly changing. The explosion of mobile apps has played a key role in these changes, shaping the way people interact with services and brands.

This session will take you into the world of apps from a user point of view. What are the core needs apps fulfil? What are the critical features for optimal app engagement? Does your business understand how people discover and select apps? Find out what gives the best apps longevity where most remain unused and deleted within weeks. It’s important for brands and businesses to assess mobile as a potential avenue to deepen engagement with customers as well as a potential tool to drive sales. However, brands should also recognise ‘building an app for that’ is not necessarily going to achieve these aims without truly understanding consumer needs.

Director of Qualitative Insights
The Leading Edge
3:30pm - 3:40pm

In the age of big data and exponential growth of stored content, traditional asset management and taxonomies fail to be able to give answers to complex questions marketeers desperately need to get out of their information systems. PIMs, ERPs, CRMs, Web CMS, DAMs are islands of information systems that do not properly communicate and fail to allow deep correlation of factors that are necessary to be able to properly run marketing campaigns.

Semantic links and asset abstraction applied to the digital assets management field is the revolution that re-unite those islands of information and allows complex questions to be answered as well as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to emerge from raw data. 

APAC Regional Manager
io integration
3:40pm - 3:50pm

When do we make the most profound decisions? Brands demand our attention every day but when do we actually act on a purchase? The perception that our customers only make decisions while they’re awake is no longer a reality. What keep us up at night versus what wake’s us up? When was the last time you purchased something in the early hours of the morning?
We observed decisions made at 3am and how it changed our perception on the attention required to engage with that audience.

Managing Director
McCorkell & Associates
3:50pm - 4:00pm

Are you a Publisher or Advertiser? Do you have a keen APPetite? Then get the biggest piece of PIE with minimob’s ‘post install events’ ad-tech platform!

minimob is a ‘pure play’ App Marketing service that delivers tasty results for both branded and startup partners anywhere in the World; whether on Android or IOS.

The main PIE ingredients? User registrations, in-app purchases, orders placed, first rides, free users converting to premium – and much, much more, right at your fingertips!

  • Advertisers: get a plateful of free installs for your apps – and pay only for meaningful post-install events.
  • Publishers: get the highest payouts for your ads – and feast upon minimob’s direct and exclusive global offers.


There’s no secret sauce as to why major brands and ambitious partners trust our unique recipe for success. Our performance advertising gives everyone a healthy slice of profit!

VP, Global Sales & Marketing & GM, APAC
4:05pm - 4:35pm

Cross-screen experiences are now ubiquitous with the customer journey, especially in APAC markets, where smartphone adoption rates are the highest in the world. This has led to a paradigm shift in how marketers reach their audience. More than 90% of internet users switch between devices during a typical purchase path. As marketers are now just starting to adopt media attribution modelling to accurately record channel performance, the difficulties in building an accurate cross-device customer journey results in mobile touchpoints being undervalued in the purchase path.

Join Datalicious CEO & Founder Christian Bartens and Facebook's Measurement & Insights Lead Steve Lockwood as they present the results of a research study on the impact of Facebook's Atlas People ID capabilities in identifying users across multiple devices in the purchase path.

CEO & Founder
Head of Marketing Science, Australia & New Zealand
4:45pm - 5:25pm

Is technology making marketing better? Definitely more precise, more efficient, even smarter. Then why is there still so much bad marketing out there? Brands are competing with culture for people’s time and attention, and what’s happening in culture is usually way more interesting. Marketing is not just a job and it’s not just science. Marketing is a craft. And yes, technology has forever changed every facet of the marketing craft, but great marketing is a very human effort requiring intuition, guts and heart. And no machine can do that.

Chief Marketing Officer
Ballroom B
11:00am - 11:40am

Companies have long emphasised the importance on customer service touch points— these tended to be traditional avenues.

With the advent of social media and the prolific use of smart phones, consumers are demanding that companies offer a more interactive, creative and online service model, especially when purchasing beauty products.

Emma Williamson will demonstrate how L’Oreal Australia are focused on servicing this digital savvy consumer by making the them truly the heart of everything they do through digital innovation.  

Director, Customer Experience ANZ
11:45am - 12:25pm

Learn how to stay relevant to the consumer by embracing the latest technologies in a timely manner.

12:30pm - 1:00pm

Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy – they’re responsible for 80 per cent of consumer spending. How well do you know them?

In this session, Katrina helps you navigate the pitfalls in selling your products and services to mums. She shares her latest research from more than 1800 Australian mums and identifies the key mistakes most businesses make so you can avoid them. Safeguard your sales and profit and be guided by Katrina, Australia’s mum expert, on how to attract mums to your business, then turn them into raving fans.

Founder & CEO
Marketing to Mums
1:50pm - 2:20pm

In 2016, we faced a challenge: the Hyundai A-League passion gap. Football has high participation, but less than half of kids under 15 who play, support a team. To unlock their passion, we turned the paradigm on its head and stopped talking sport. “You Gotta Have a Team” was born.

This session will look at how we captured attention by focusing on storytelling and our unusual hero - Yoshi, a football-crazy kid who got up close and personal with every Hyundai A-League team, then told the story through digital channels, to help everyone make a choice of team to support. We’ll look at how the story grew, how we made connections by listening and being adaptable, how we adjusted and overcame issues along the way, and most importantly how we positively impacted attendance, viewership and involvement for the Hyundai A-League.

Client Services Director
BMF Australia
Head of Marketing, Digital & Fan Engagement
Football Federation Australia
2:25pm - 2:55pm
  • Approaches large brands use for innovation. From R&D divisions to Hackathons to Lean Startup, Design Thinking and engaging with Entrepreneurs. 
  • A review of methods by Coca Cola and other leading brands.
  • Resourcing innovation.
  • Starting with a problem. 
  • Structured frameworks around ideation. The pros and cons.
Director & Co-Founder
Creator Global
General Manager Marketing Coca Cola Amatil, Alcohol & Coffee
Coca Cola Amatil
3:30pm - 3:40pm

Brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on online advertising where CPL’s can add up in the tens of dollars. Increasing competition for a top spot on the ad network is the main contributor for high CPL’s.   
A missed opportunity, as consumers engage very well with brands that approach them with personalized offers served via direct channels such as phone and email. Those channels maintain the lead when competing on ROI with new media advertising.
It can however be challenging to identify the information that proves predictive to consumers’ behaviour and preferences. Diving into the data at hand is one way to find out.
For Kobi Digital, this means analysing over 200 million lead generation data points that proves a treasure’s worth of information. Information that helps to continuously increase the ability to deliver quality at scale. 
In this session we will share our most valuable real-life situations where hiring a PhD Data Analyst made all the difference. 
Join us in a surprising session for insights on how to improve lead quality and to get most out of your existing data. 

CEO and Co-Founder
Kobi Digital
3:40pm - 3:50pm

Making better advertising decisions with a clear and deep understanding of your brand, competition, audience, customer journey and campaign. How to develop these insights and apply them back to your advertising.

Managing Director, Pureprofile and Sparcmedia ANZ
3:50pm - 4:00pm

In mobile app campaigns, there’s a difference between measuring for the sake of measurement and measuring to optimize. There are definitely clear advantages in collecting as much campaign data points as possible. But to make better marketing decisions, advertisers need to leverage proper analytical tools sets and constantly adjust their campaigns according to real-time feedback gathered from their users. This talk will explore how to use features like configurable attribution, fraud detection, traffic verification, scenario testing and other analytical methods to improve mobile media mix modelling and realise true lift in ROAS. 

General Manager APAC
4:05pm - 4:35pm

Knowledge without action and action without reason are both futile. Yet in the quest to make truly data-driven decisions, many marketers are finding themselves caught in analysis paralysis. That’s why best-of-breed marketing measurement and optimisation tools are geared towards the actions their data can influence and the performance based validity of those actions. In this presentation, attribution expert, Nikki Retallick, demonstrates how thoughtful marketing analytics can supercharge marketing plans by linking business objectives into media buying engines.

Head of Data and Attribution APAC
AOL Platforms