In 5 words: Zeus Unwired

We are challenging marketing and ad-tech leaders to answer a series of questions in five words or less . No frills. No fluff. Just rapid-fire responses. Rob Marston, Founder of Zeus Unwired is in the hot seat to continue this series in Australia:



What are you passionate about?

How tech can impact life


What do you love about marketing?

How far reaching it's become


What don't you like about marketing?

Over reliance on FB/Google


Your favourite form of content?

VR and experiential content


Top three trends of 2017?

iPhone X, video and attribution 


Gamechangers for 2018?

Blockchain, IoT, Adoption of AR


Who is the most influential pioneer in your mind?

Arthur C Clarke (1964 predictions)


What keeps you awake at night?

To buy bitcoin or not


AR/VR - Fad or here to stay?

Here to stay, when ready.


How does Aussie innovation compare with the world?

Badly, but getting better


Automation: friend or foe?

Absolute friend. Still in infancy


When are the robots coming?

They're heeeeerrrreeee (if you're looking)


iOS or Android?

It's always been iOS


Favourite meal? Why?

Roast! It's just so analogue.


Rob will be at ad:tech Sydney on March 22-23, 2018 (having longer than 5 word conversations). Want to be part of it? Register today and snap up early bird prices at