In 5 words: Antimatter

We are challenging marketing and ad-tech leaders to answer a series of questions in five words or less . No frills. No fluff. Just rapid-fire responses. Iain McDonald, Founder, Antimatter is in the hot seat to kick off this series in Australia:


What are you passionate about?

Solutions to problems worth solving. 


What do you love about marketing?

The fact it's becoming democratised.


What don't you like about marketing?

The BS. The waste.


Your favourite form of content?

Curated. Anything inspiring.


Top three trends of 2017?

Cryptocurrencies, SaaS, Virtual Assistants.


Gamechangers for 2018?

AI, Automation, Sensortech, Clean Energy, IoT.


Who is the most influential pioneer in your mind?

Currently it's Elon Musk.


What keeps you awake at night?

Lack of Australian companies innovating.


AR/VR - Fad or here to stay?

Fad, but maturity by 2025-30.


How does Aussie innovation compare with the world?

Statistically we rank 81st.


Automation: friend or foe?

Both. A double edged sword.


When are the robots coming?

Already here. Watch out.


iOS or Android?

Android, but both are important.


Favourite meal? Why?

Fish. Need the brain food.


Iain will be at ad:tech Sydney on March 22-23, 2018 (having longer than 5 word conversations). Want to be part of it? Register today and snap up early bird prices at