Making your mark by moving beyond marketing as usual

Making your mark by moving beyond Marketing as Usual


In a world beset with an ever increasing roll out of new ‘must have’ technologies, atop the ever-evolving expectations of consumers who now dictate when, where and how they will let brands engage with them, it’s somewhat appropriate to reflect on Albert Einstein’s quote about insanity;


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”


This is a truism from a modern marketer’s standpoint. Whilst it may be tempting to stick to the tried-and-true marketing methods that served you well yesterday, when every man who can ride a skateboard wearing a bow-tie can capture the attention of consumers with little more than a mobile phone, marketers must rethink the way they capture and retain the attention of consumers, or else.  

A solid structure to use to frame this model of rethinking marketing spend is the 70:20:10 investment model, where 70% of budget is allocated to 'marketing as usual', 20% is invested in media that’s going mainstream, and the final 10% is invested in any activity that turns heads and stands out.

Now, whether this 10% is invested in response to real-world triggers - like #newshacking - or simply into new technology or formats that standout for their elegance or simplicity is up to you, so to guide your thinking, here are a few solid examples of brands rethinking relevance by moving beyond MAU.


L’OREAL - Augmented Reality

In 2017, L’Oréal and Perfect Corporation announced a partnership that integrates makeup collections from L’Oréal brands in YouCam Makeup, an augmented reality (AR) beauty app.  The collaboration offers customers the opportunity to virtually experience makeup collections from L’Oréal brands, learn about the products, and shop through the app or in-store. 

Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal, says that “the alliance accelerates on building omni-channel services to enhance the consumer experience at every touchpoint. Virtual make up, livestreaming, augmented reality shopping are key features in a modern beauty journey that mixes online and offline. These services delight our consumers and increase conversion rates for our brands.” 

The partnership started with L’Oréal Paris and Yves Saint Laurent in Japan. The first phase began during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival where YouCam Makeup and L’Oréal Paris showcased 64 virtual beauty looks for fans in the U.S., India, Mexico, and Russia to try virtually in the app. 

Rochet said that “It’s an immense source of data in terms of understanding what consumers like, what they like less in terms of colors, looks, textures.  For our marketing and our labs, it’s a great source of insight in terms of trends and it helps us deliver makeup collections.” YouCam Makeup is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.  

MATCH.COM - 3D Printing recently launched a 3D printing ad campaign in London designed to showcase examples of its male members for women. The project involved a pop-up shop called “Model Males” featuring 3D-printed figurines of seven fictional Match bachelors. Each bachelor was packaged like a doll, with contact information and a short bio inside.  Female visitors were greeted with a complementary glass of prosecco, which they drank while perusing the men’s written features, including age, career, and “best qualities.”

The campaign was conceived of by Match’s ad agency Brands2Life, which collaborated with Mini You, an East London 3D printing specialist, to make the miniature figurines. Vicki Pavitt,’s dating expert, said “Dating should always be fun.  But it can be tricky at times. The idea behind Model Males is to showcase the brilliant and reliable men that wouldn’t even think of ‘ghosting’ a date.  There are still plenty of gents out there and this is a way of giving women the power and opportunity to find their very own Model Male to take home.”

PAMPERS - Social Media

Pampers recently released a new ad in the UK promoting the Procter & Gamble brand's Preemie Protection diaper range.  Called “Little Fighters,” the ad aimed to authentically capture the experience of having a premature baby. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, it was filmed at Southampton Hospital's neonatal unit, and features nine real families, their babies and the hospital staff.

Pampers has long been known for using its social media to enhance its emotional appeal. The company tries to create a community of visitors who can come together to share advice, feelings, and memories.  For the “Little Fighters” campaign, it asked parents to share images of their newborns with a clenched fist on its social media platforms – showing the fighting spirit of babies. For every image shared using the hashtag #powerofbabies, Pampers donated one pound to premature baby charity Bliss.

OREO - Influencer Marketing

OK, it wouldn’t be fitting to make a list of brands who are rethinking relevance without including Oreo…

This year, Oreo launched a sweepstakes called the “Oreo Dunk Challenge” to encourage consumers to post media of themselves with the cookie. The contest urged individuals to post a picture or video of themselves dunking an Oreo into a glass of milk to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, while using the hashtag #OreoDunkSweepstakes. 

Participants had the opportunity to win $2,000 and a VIP trip to an “Oreo Celebrity Dunk Event”. To help promote the campaign, Oreo recruited various social media influencers to create videos of their best “dunks.”  Actor Josh Peck posted a clip of himself making an amazing trick shot, throwing the cookie from afar like a basketball.  Danielle Jonas, with over a million followers, posted a video in which she used her humor by running on a treadmill and attempting to dunk an Oreo cookie.  It received over 200,000 views.  Lastly, influencer David Lopez, known for his humor and filmmaking skills, posted a video that was authentic to his brand.  It generated 240,000+ views and 221 comments.   


Obviously, the 10% of budget invested into new tech and formats isn’t going to dramatically impact ROI, but it’s still a sound investment because any marketer worth their salt knows the importance of prioritizing innovation…or else. So if you’re needing even more innovation inspiration, now’s the time to get tickets to the world’s leading digital innovation event, ad:tech Sydney. It’s the meeting place for forward-thinking marketers to look, listen and learn from the best of the best digital marketers from around the globe.

Chris is a self-confessed ‘content geek’ and this passion has helped to shape many industry leading events across multiple regions. TEDx speaker and author, Chris knows that creating fascinating content should be a priority for your brand.