The focus of digital transformation is your people, not technology

Time and time again, great digital strategy fails to be executed within organisations due to a lack of internal capabilities. Big spend no longer equates to big impact when the internal piece of digital transformation is missing. Join ntegrity’s head of Transformation, Sarah Forsterling, as she delves into new research on the digital culture of Australian organisations. After speaking with over 160 Australian organisations, the results speak for themselves: the digital skills gap is a serious problem, structures of organisations are not made for digital and without digital leadership from the top there is a severe lack of confidence to achieve digital goals. This means Aussie companies are under prioritising digital, finding it difficult to recruit the right roles, and not getting the business results they need to be successful - making digital transformation from the inside out more imperative than ever before.

Where & When
Wednesday, March 15th
3:50pm - 4:25pm
Ballroom A
Head of Transformation and Culture