ad:tech Sydney 2018: Pioneering

ad:tech Sydney 2018 is about pioneering in every sense of the word. We believe it is high time that we celebrate the pioneers – Those who have changed the game, shifted society, made brand experiences magical and have their eyes firmly planted on the future. For those who come to ad:tech, this should be an experience of discovery, no matter who you are. Whether you are struggling with data or wondering when the robots are coming to take our jobs.

The business of marketing and advertising has become central to our collective worlds and never stands still. It’s restless and once something new comes along, it’s quickly accepted or brutally rejected and then it’s on to the next thing. What is disruptive today can be mainstream tomorrow. This is why the pioneers of our industry have such a pivotal role in building the future landscape of marketing.

With this theme, comes a new ad:tech structure and two brand new streams:

This stream is dedicated to forging new territories in an increasingly complex and evolving area of digital transformation, with representation across the business community from small nimble start ups, to global corporations. You'll be led by today's ground breakers who'll take you on a journey of disruption including actionable recipes for success in your business.
Every pioneering age added scale through the deployment of knowledge between those looking to colonise, whilst others found new ground. This track is devoted to de-mystifying the common digital channels (programmatic, Search, Mobile, Measurement, Attribution, IoT, Digital Creative). Experts in the field will deliver these masterclass format sessions to help you overcome your business challenges.