Unruly is the video marketplace you can trust.

We use unique emotional data to help advertisers better engage global audiences on brand safe, premium sites and publishers better monetise their audiences, via UnrulyX. We don’t just reach people, we move people.

Unruly was founded in 2006 with a mission to transform advertising for the better. Our superpower is emotional testing and targeting via UnrulyEQ, which leverages over a decade of video data and almost 2.2 million viewer reactions to videos to provide deep analysis of metrics that matter, enabling us to deliver better targeting and higher campaign ROI at scale. There are now 350 Unrulies doing amazing things across more than 20 locations worldwide, backed by the might of News Corp, giving us unique access to owned and operated premium media and first-party data. We are also proud to have a diverse culture focused on allowing people to do what they do best and encouraging and celebrating diversity and wellbeing.