PopUp WiFi

Look like a total rockstar at your next WiFi-enabled campaign, safe in the knowledge that our skilled network engineers are managing your internet live. PopUp WiFi delivers custom, WiFi for events, right across Australia and the US. Starting from only $300 per day, it’s robust internet for brand activations, live streaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We use enterprise-grade technology and multiple simultaneous carriers for the best reliability and security.

  • Announce your presence with eye-catching custom signage on your tower
  • Create a beautiful connecting experience by optimising your custom login screen
  • Drastically grow your mailing list by using our data capture options at events
  • Measure your client’s ROI, thanks to auto-redirects that sends users straight to the landing page of your choice when they connect. Compare this to standard PPC advertising and get ready to be high fived
  • Tailor your WiFi for ultimate “stickiness”, with custom network name and password