ad:tech has, and always will be, a unique opportunity to break through the everyday barriers that constrict us in advertising and marketing.

It’s a chance to explore the topics of today to literally create tomorrow. Ideas are crashed together, new thinking discovered and partnerships formed.

Populated by people with the passion to not only disrupt their industries but blow them up. We live in a world where technology has lit a rocket under how customers experience brands. It’s no longer just the Nikes and Adidas creating new. Every category is ripe for gamechangers. AMP did in insurance with the My AMP app. Pokemon Go took augmented reality and sent the Nintendo share price through the stratosphere. NRMA connected with every learner driver with their Driver Log app. ASB did in banking with Clever Kash, their cashless moneybox. If you’re not going to light the fuse in your category, then who will?

The beauty of ad:tech is the diversity of thinking that encourages gamechangers. Technology and ideas crashed together. The combined knowledge and talent of people from leading brands, big thinkers, media specialists, technologists, data crunchers, strategists. All contributing to pushing the boat out as far as it can go, and then going further.

And that’s why this year’s theme is all about Lighting up the next room. Literally illuminating the future, finding out what’s next and informing how we attract, communicate with and add value to our customers’ experiences.